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Accounts Payable - short description

Accounts Payable is an application which results in automation and optimisation of the whole circulation process of cost invoices in the company. It facilitates entering a document into the system by completing an appropriate form and attaching the scan of the invoice (PDF) or sending the invoice to a dedicated email address. The application helps to eliminate paper and organise an electronic documents circulation system.


Accounts Payable - case study

Implementation of an application which optimises the circulation of cost invoices.

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Leave Requests - short description

Leave Requests is an application for management of holiday and other leave requests. It offers employees a possibility to send electronic requests and their superiors and HR Department can accept them also in an electronic way. It provides access to all holiday data and helps to create lists and reports according to request status, a selected employee, superiors, periods of leave.


Leave Requests - case study

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Task Management - short description

The application menu presents users different functionalities according to their role in the process. There is no risk that an employee of a lower level can see any confidential information. The process map, which is visible in the application, helps the users to check their role in the process at any time. The history of the versions enables to view the history of the data/content in case of a specific form, checking the date of change and the person who introduced it. The lists opened in the application can be edited according to the users’ needs and the special character of a given project.


TASK MANAGEMENT - case study

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Travel & Expenses - short description

The application facilitates sending electronic travel orders or submitting business trip requests, their acceptance by superiors and cost clearance – without paper work and waiting for decisions. The system can be based on one level or multilevel mechanism of request acceptance process with participants such as immediate superiors, accountants or a related project manager.


TRAVEL & EXPENSES - case study


TAILORED APPLICATION - short description

If your company struggles with unusual problems or you have not found a solution which is right for you – contact us. Our experts will analyse your business process and in case it is needed, they will recommend its optimisation. We will create – just for you – a special application which will improve efficiency and reduce the costs of your business, taking care of its integration with your company’s systems at the same time.

RECRUITMENT - short description

Recruitment application facilitates efficient management of the recruiting process related to different posts in your company. The application supports recruiting staff, managers and the board members, organising the process of application acceptance and selection of candidates, it ensures fast information and opinion flow, as well as it takes care of positive candidate experience, improving communication between different process participants.


HELPDESK - short description

Helpdesk is a solution created on ARC Smart Platform. It facilitates comprehensive management of claims and requests.


HELPDESK - case study

Description soon

Time Sheets - short description



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Do I have to buy several applications in order to use ARC Smart Platform?

No, in order to use ARC Smart Platform it is enough to buy one application.

Do I need to have Office 365 or Azure subscription in order to use ARC Smart Platform?

A minimal requirement is SharePoint Online Plan 1 or any Office 365 plan which includes SharePoint Online.

I already have my Azure subscription. Is the cost of ARC Smart Platform the same for me?

No. The charge for customers who already have Azure subscription is lower and it is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Can I change my plan or add next applications in case of employment reduction or growth?

Of course, customers can change their plans (number of users) and add other applications to ARC Smart Platform at any time during the contract.

Do I have to pay for trial version or am I obliged to buy it later?

No, you can test Smart Platform for free and with no future obligations.

Can I customize the application functionalities to the needs of my company/business process?

Of course, every application can be customized to customers’ individual needs. In such a case, do not hesitate to contact us describing what you need.

The offer does not include an application I am looking for – is ARC Consulting able to help me?

Of course, one of the pillars of our business is creation of dedicated applications for customers in Poland and all over the world.

How much time does the application activation take?

The applications are activated in several hours. After the activation, the process of configuration takes place, which - depending on how complex it is – can take from several hours to a few days.

Does ARC Consulting offer technical support for ARC Smart Platform?

Yes, our team is at your disposal Monday to Friday, from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Does ARC Smart Platform work on mobile devices?

Yes, ARC Smart Platform is created in compliance with all the latest standards for applications and you can use it on mobile devices.

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